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18.03.2015 08:57

ACTUATE - EU-Project for ecologically-friendly and economically-efficient driving style

An ecologically-friendly and economically-efficient driving style helps reduce energy consumption, save money and significantly lower CO2 emissions. Studies have shown that the operation of electric public transport vehicles such as trams, trolleybuses or hybrid (electric) buses benefit particularly from eco-driving techniques. Thus operational expenses may be reduced and passenger comfort enhanced.

The European project “ACTUATE - Advanced Training and Education for Safe Eco-driving of Clean Vehicles” focused on the importance of safe eco-driving of clean vehicles and provides public transport operators with the opportunity to introduce and test safe eco-driving trainings. The ACTUATE consortium comprises public transport operators, further education organisations, clean vehicle manufacturers and trolley:motion. Starting from the principal functions of clean (i.e. electric driven) vehicles, the ACTUATE partners developed training programmes to raise awareness of the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to perform safe eco-driving of the clean vehicle types tram, hybrid bus or trolleybus. Thus, ACTUATE performs an important role in matching clean vehicle technology markets with improved driver competence.

The ACTUATE project ended in January 2015 and the training programmes were tested with more than 1.500 drivers at the public transport operators in Salzburg (Austria, trolleybus), Leipzig (Germany, tram and hybrid bus), Eberswalde (Germany, trolleybus), Parma (Italy, trolleybus) and Brno (Czech Republic, tram and trolleybus). And results of the ACTUATE trainings show that safe eco-driving has the potential to increase the energy-efficiency of bus and tram fleets by 3% to 6% in daily operation.

But an economical driving style means not only the actual saving of fuel, respectively energy!


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