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trolley:firmen - Solaris: 66 Trollinos delivered in 2011

J. Lehmann - 16.04.12

Last year 66 Solaris Trollino trolleybuses were either delivered or taken into service. Overall Solaris produced 75 trolleybus chassis. Five articulated trolleybuses which entered service in Pilsen at the beginning of 2012 had been built in 2011. Equally the ten Solaris Trollino 12 for Cagliari did not enter service until 2012. In contrast, the four articulated trolleybuses that entered service in Salzburg at the start of 2011 had been built in 2010.

102 Solaris Trollino entered service in 2010, although only 98 vehicles were produced. The differences arise because eight trolleybuses (5 for Jilhava, one for Ostrava and two for Gdynia) were produced in 2009, while the four trolleybuses produced for Salzburg did not enter service until 2011.
The electrical equipment came mostly from Skoda, which markets the trolleybuses in the Czech Republic under the designations Skoda 26Tr, 27Tr und 28Tr. Traction packages are also supplied by Cegelec und Medcom.

For the first time in the ten year history of the Solaris Trollino, some articulated trolleybuses have been accepted back. In connection with the sale of seven hybrid buses to La Chaux de Fonds, four Solaris/Cegelec trolleybuses from 2005 have been accepted in part exchange and are now for sale.

So far in 2012 the following orders have been confirmed: eight vehiclee for Gdynia, six for Cagliari, two articulated and one standard trolleybus for Ostrava and two 15m and two standard vehicles for Padubice. Other tenders remain open. In addition the first vehicle in the "MetroStyle-Look" is being tested in Ostrava. After a two month test period it is going to be delivered to Salzburg and will be exhibited to the public on 16th May.
Translation: Martin Wright

A new trolleybus era has begun in Cagliari. The first ten new Solaris Trollino have been in service since mid-March, here is trolleybus 706 in front of the basilica of „Maria Vergine Assunta“ in Selargius.
Photographer: Jürgen Lehmann, 30.03.2012

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