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Ufa [RU] - First Sibirian-Built Low-Floor Trolleybus Presented

J. Lehmann - 25.06.12

The BTZ-5276 3A trolleybus arrived at the depot on 8th May 2012. It is a low-floor trolleybus which is 12.45 m in length and has a floor height of 360 mm. It received a distinctive front based on the Type 5299 Nefaz diesel bus. The new vehicle was presented to politicians from the Republic of Baschkortostan on 9th May and then took part in the "UralTrans 2012" exhibition from 14th to 17th May. Now test runs are taking place on the trolleybus system at Ufa, before a decision is taken whether further vehicles will be acquired.
27 new BTZ-52767 vehicles had entered service by May 2012, of which ten were built in 2010 and 17 in 2011. The fleet still comprises about 200 trolleybuses serving 20 routes (1-17, 20-22). Only twenty type ZIU 682 units remain in the fleet, the oldest dating from 1986.
The last articulated trolleybuses serve on route 4 and now on route 1. After a lengthy repair period, articulated trolleybus 1060 has been operating again on route 1 since April 2012, while no. 2113 a TrolZa-62052.0 operates on route 4. 2113 was fitted with its electric equipment at JSC Baschkirischen Trolleybus Works and entered service in 2005. Trolleybus 1060 is one of three ZiU-6205М, which came from articulated vehicles built in 1992. The other two (1069, 1070) have long since been withdrawn.
Translation: Martin Wright

Above: 1042 is one of the BTZ-52767A trolleybuses that entered service in 2011. Here it is on 26.02.2012 in service on route 7. Photographer Azat Akhtyamov
Below: Low-floor trolleybus BTZ 52763A in the tram depot after arrival by truck: Photographer: Skvortsov Matvey