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Genève [CH] - Contract Negotiations for 33 New Trolleybuses

K. Budach - 14.05.12

No contract has yet been awarded following the issue on 3rd October 2011 of the tender for 33 articulated trolleybuses with an option for a futher seven vehicles. Following the bid deadline of 10th January, trolleybuses from the bidders were sent to Geneva as demonstrators in mid-March.
An articulated VanHool AG300T trolleybus undertook trials on the network in mid-March on its way to Milan. Hess SwissTrolley 132 followed on 19th March, having been towed by truck from Neuchatel. The VanHool ExquiCity for Parma also undertook trials at the end of April. A decision on the award of the contract is expected in the coming month.

One of the route changes made at the last timetable change in December was reversed on 20th February. Routes 3 and 7 returned to their pre-December routes: route 3 again follows its old alignment along Rue de la Croix-Rouge and route 7 runs along Rue du Marché and Rue du Rhône, which are also used by routes 10 and 2. In contrast the stretch over the bridge at Pont du Mont-Blanc in the direction of the station is now only covered by route 6. A bus lane has been installed on the bridge so that delays caused by traffic queues can be reduced.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the system on 11th September, a Saurer/Hess trolleybus from 1982 has been painted in the orange livery as delivered 30 years ago. NAW/Hess Nr. 681, which is about five years younger, is also to receive a “nostalgia look“. This year also sees a tram celebration, as it was 150 years ago that the first horse tram operated.

The overhead of routes 2 and 19 in the locality of Bernex was dismantled in March 2012. A connecting bus runs into the suburb from the Park and Ride outside, where tram route 14 has terminated since the timetable change. In the future the tram route is to run round the locality so that this connecting bus can be eliminated.

A Europe wide tender is seeking a planning agency, which will work on the planning of the development of Route de Frontenex including the overhead for the trolleybus system. The work, which is divided into three stages, comprises: first, the production of a draft design on the basis of previous research; secondly, preparation of an approval of the plans; and finally, after approval of the project, running the final stage the project tender and monitoring the work during construction and commissioning.
Translation: Martin Wright

Above: VanHool ExquiCity at Place de Bel-Air on a test run on 25th April 2012
Below: Trolleybus 666 in Nostalgia Look. Photographer: Fabien Lisanin

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