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Nancy [FR] - Decision to Renovate the Guided System

J. Lehmann - 21.05.12

The city council for greater Nancy (CUGN) decided on 27th April 2012 to renovate the rail-guided trolleybus system. Following investment of 14 million Euros the system will continue operation until 2020-2022. According to the proposed resolution it would be normal to undertake a major renovation at the half way stage of the 20 year life of the project. The 25 vehicles are to receive a facelift, worn components are to be replaced and a reduction in noise both inside and outside the vehicles should result. An improvement in the comfort and design of the vehicles is expected. The renovation is estimated to cost 560,000 Euros per vehicle. The renovation of the system is expected to take 30 months.
In addition to assistance from state funds, it is hoped to receive support from the manufacturers, who, however, no longer offer this system.
Despite a majority vote for the decision, there were also critical voices. In view of the high operating costs of the system, they thought that it would be better to purchase normal double articulated trolleybuses without guidance. While it is true that the investment cost would be higher than for the renovation, this could be covered by the significantly lower operating costs. According to information from Switzerland these are 1.20 Euro per km, nearly twice as favourable as those for the existing Bombardier guided double articulated vehicles, which cost over 2 Euros per km. Over ten years the additional investment costs of between 14 million and 16 million Euros could be recouped.
Translation: Martin Wright

Trolleybuses 17 und 21 at the stop at Nancy Gare on Avenue Foch on 24.3.2003. Even after just two years the tyre wear on the road surface could clearly be seen.
Photographer: J. Lehmann

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