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Salzburg [AT] - First Series MetroStyle Delivered

J. Lehmann - 13.08.12

The first two series vehicles from Solaris/Cegelec arrived on 30th July 2012. They were unloaded on the following day and began their first test runs. Unlike the prototype, which had a special “designer” livery, these two vehicles have the traditional livery of the Salzburger Lokalbahn with a high proportion of red.
The third series delivery followed on the 9th August, while the fourth and fifth arrived on the 13th August, thus giving a total of six of the ten MetroStyle that have been ordered. While the prototype, 321, has been in service since July, the successors 322 -324 are not expected to enter service until the 20th August, when their ticket desks are expected. The first two vehicles were registered on the 9th August as S - 759 PZ (trolleybus 322) und S - 758 PZ (trolleybus 323).
As in previous years, trips are being offered on the historic trolleybus 123 (built 1957); these take place on Fridays from 27th July to 31st August from 2 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. The museum trolleybus goes round a “great Salzburg Tour” and visits the termini at Walserfeld, Birkensiedlung, Bahnhof Aigen and Obergnigl. A valid SVV central area ticket suffices but, apart from that, donations are hoped for. All intermediate stops are available on request.
Translation: Martin Wright

Above: On 2.08.2012 the newly delivered Solaris MetroStyle 323 (left) and 322 pose in the depot.
Below: Solaris MetroStyle 324 was delivered on 9.08.2012 on a low-loader.
Photographer: Gunter Mackinger

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