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Chieti [IT] - Arrival of First New Trolleybus

J. Lehmann - 20.08.12

After a successful acceptance at Van Hool in Belgium early in July, the first Van Hool A330T 12m trolleybus was transported to Chieti on Monday 30th July 2012. The remaining four trolleybuses are due to follow in September. Their acceptance in Belgium remains to be done between 14th and 19th September. The new trolleybuses are authorised to carry around 70 passengers (27 seated and 44 standing) and have a top speed of 70km/h including with the diesel auxiliary made by Kirsch. Total cost for the five trolleybuses is 3.2 million Euros, of which 2.4 million Euros is being paid by the region of Abbruzzi and 0.8 million by the town of Chieti.
As with the seven Menarini trolleybuses from 1985 (nos. 212, 213, 215, 217, 219, 220 and 221), which were overhauled in 2009, the new vehicles have a green livery. Of the original ten trolleybuses numbers 214, 216 und 218 were used as sources for spares and then scrapped. Individual parts including their orange rear panels have been stored with the remaining trolleybuses in the depot.

The refurbished and extended trolleybus route cost the region about 10 million Euros. It was reopened ceremonially on 26th September 2009 but only operated for a few months. On the new section from Madonna delle Piane to the hospital, an underpass has been constructed near the university. The overhead runs through the underpass for inward journeys while for outward journeys it runs next to the underpass on a separate roadway, which is currently blocked by a fence. The new alignment must be inspected and accepted by USTIF. Similarly, the five new trolleybuses need to be accepted by USTIF after test runs on the route. Resumption of trolleybus service is expected in October 2012.

On weekdays trolleybus route 1 operates every 15 minutes from 5.20 am to about 11pm (an hour longer in summer), while on Sundays and holidays the service is every 30 minutes. The timetable allows 28 minutes running time in each direction
The 2 km of overhead from Madonna delle Piane to S. Martino, currently served by bus routes 3/ and 8 every 30 minutes, has also been renovated. It hasn’t yet been adapted to a newly installed roundabout. At Madonna delle Piane there are overhead switches for this branch to S. Martino but the overhead is tied off shortly after the deviation.

Translation: Martin Wright

Above: a look into the depot with Menarini trolleybuses 220, 217 and a Menarini diesel bus. Trolleybuses 212, 221, 219 stood in the second row while 213 und 215 were also in the front row. Photographer: Armin Fischer.
Below: New Van Hool A330T trolleybus in the depot after delivery
Photograph: Il Messaggero , see below

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