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Eberswalde [DE] - Trolelybus received flywheel-rotor

J. Lehmann - 26.09.06

RWS Railway Service GmbH from Neuenhagen near Berlin will equip a trolleybus from Eberswalde with a new fly-wheel motor. The Federal Land of Brandenburg has given approximately 200,000 Euro for this pilot project. The basic design of the stored energy flywheel motor was tested by the project partners of the Fraunhofer Institute for traffic and infrastructure systems (IVI) in co-operation with the Netherlands CCM Centre for Concepts in Mechatronics B.V. over a period of two years. The beginning of the work for the re-equipment of the Eberswalde trolleybus is scheduled for 4 October 2006, with the first vehicle completed at the end of May 2007 when it will be presented at the international conference of Trolleybus 2007 in Eberswalde.

The company RWS is responsible for the development and construction of the power electronics including switchgear, cabinets, equipment stands and the development suitable for series production of the hybrid control unit using the software developed by the Fraunhofer Institute (IVI). In addition, RWS will be responsible for the cable manufacture and the manufacturing of the serving and display unit as well as the cooling systems for the memory and power electronics for the pilot project. The flywheel-rotor replaces the auxiliary engine in the trolleybus. Power for driving over short sections away from the overhead line is possible with the stored energy from the flywheel which is charged up from regenerative energy created from the normal electric motor during braking. The advantages of this project are a decrease in operating costs and the removal of the emissions of the auxiliary engine.

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