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Solingen [DE] - Renewal of Graf-Wilhelm-Platz finished

J. Lehmann - 29.10.06

After completion of road works from 28.10.2006 trolleybuses again operate again on the original bus lanes at Graf-Wilhelm-Platz. A new bus station, Sichel has been constructed in the middle of the former four lane Kölner Straße. The diesel buses will use this terminal from Monday, 30.10.2006 allowing the large bus station on the neighbouring new market to be closed.
Starting from Friday, 27.10.2006 all 15 Berkhof trolleybuses were only used with their auxiliary engine and not in the overhead line mode. This temporary restriction is as a result of a fault found with four of the vehicles. Tests on the chassis of four vehicles found electrical currents of over 50Volts DC. Condensers are designed to filter the direct current from the overhead line but to let AC power through to the motor. In electrical operation slight power leakage can occur, so for the present the Trolleybuses are used only during the peak hour with their auxiliary engine.

For three months the trolleybus-routes operated in the southern direction at the future Diesel bus stop at Graf-William-Platz. The photograph shows three 12metre three-axle trolleybuses (Nos.67, 51 and 40) on 10.08.2006 destined for Burg. The two sets of overhead wires on the right in the picture are for the opposite direction, which was already renewed in 2005.

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