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Solingen [DE] - Berkhof-Trolleybusse are in service again

J. Lehmann - 14.11.06

The articulated Berkhof Trolleybuses which had been grounded for two weeks went back into service on the 13.11.2006. It was originally suspected that the vehicles were not correctly insulated but it turned out to be due to a fault in the earthing of one of the substations in the system.
It required a special sitting of the " technischen Aufsichtsbeh├Ârde" from the local Government in D├╝sseldorf to give permission for the vehicles to be put back into service. Reserve diesel buses had been borrowed from Wuppertal and Remscheid, amongst others, and also all available Stadtwerke Solingen vehicles were needed to fill the gap left by the Berkhof Trolleybuses being taken out of service. The Trolleybus Museum also lent it's MAN articulated Trolleybus no. 5 which was seen on service on route 682.
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