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Solingen [DE] - Local build trolleybus returns after 25 years

J. Lehmann - 25.09.14

In the late 1960s, the custom-built, type TS (Trolleybus Solingen) units dominated the streets of the city. Now, after 25 years abroad in Argentina, one such unit has returned to Germany, thanks to efforts by the local preservation group Obus-Museum Solingen e.V.

Originally these particularly robust trolleybuses were built by the Essen-based consortium of Krupp/Ludewig, with the former supplying truck style axles and the latter designing the distinctive body shell. Of the 80 TS trolleys that were built between 1968 and 1974, 78 were sold to Argentina in 1988. 50 of these cascaded buses were then used in Mendoza until 2010. Thanks to the persistent lobby efforts of the Obus-Museum-Solingen and support from German politicians, the goal of repatriating one of these vintage vehicles finally came to fruition in summer 2014. As previously reported on 4 August, TS 51 was transferred on 22 July from Menodza to the port of Zarate in Buenos Aires. On 16 August, the bus was then loaded onto the ferry “Grande Gabon” of the Grimaldi shipping company. Following a 4-week transfer over the Atlantic, the boat and bus successfully arrived in Hamburg on 14 September. After a day of unloading and a 3-day transport by road back to Solingen, the classic trolleybus finally reached its old home on 18 September, accompanied by a television crew.
The Obus-Museum Solingen e.V. will formally present the repatriated TS 51 on Sunday 19 October and at the same time celebrate its 15th anniversary.

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Top: TS 51 (formerly 68) is seen back in Germany, at the museum shed in Solingen.
Bottom: Tb.171 with new outfit.

For more pictures, click on the following link: All photos by Jürgen Lehmann.
Top: TS 51 (formerly 68) is seen back in Germany, at the museum shed in Solingen.
Middle: The same bus is seen during shunting at the depot, following its arrival there.
Bottom: A photo of the departure of TS 68 from Solingen to Argentina on 22 December 1988.

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