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Simferopol [UA] - News from Simferopol - Yalta interurban system:

P. Haibach - 14.08.05

News from Simferopol - Yalta interurban system:
in summer season there workes a 15 mintes service on the interurban line with some express trolleybuses in the morning from Yalta and Alushta to Simferopol and back in the evening
lines seen in service : 51,52,52, 59, 60
only two JuMZ-T2-09 were seen in service during a week (4150, 5100) - it is thought that this new troleybuses were sent to the new Krim system at Kertsch
there is no longer the opportunity for overtaking at Dobroye in direction to Simferopol
much overhead was taken down at the bus station at Yalta - the interurban trolleybuses start and end only at the trolleybus station
Gunter Mackinger