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Dzerzhinsk [UA] - Small trolleybus-service suspended

J. Lehmann - 17.03.08

This System closed around April/May 2007, and by October 2007 all the overhead wiring had been dismantled. (TM 278)
In 2006 despite the economic decline of this town, trolleybus Operation continues with elderly ZIU-682. Route 1 (Centre - Artemovo) requires 2 - 4 vehicles, although no vehicles operate during a one hour lunch-break. Route 2, to Toretskaya mine, is served by one vehide in the Monday - Friday morning peak. (TM268)

Photo: Articulated trolleybus 30 in service on 15.08.2006 (Anton

This message is from the Trolleybus Magazine (Orginal in TM 278, see link), with the kind permission of the editor. The Trolley Magazine is published every two months and reported worldwide about the trolleybuses, see related link!

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