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Vilnius [LT] - Vilnius trolleybus system

. - 05.09.05

Vilnius has an impressive trolleybus system! Mostly overhead of the Russian type is used but works were seen using Electroline overhead system of CZ. Because of the dilivery of new SOLARIS 15 m trolleybuses only few SKODA 9 Tr SU are still seen in service.

photo 1:
One of the last SKODA 9Tr - but in best condition - (1)387 (built 1981) on line 10 beside 14Tr (1)101 (built 1985 for Ostrava in CZ) on line 12 crossing river Neris in city center.
2.9.2005 Gunter Mackinger

photo 2:
JELEZ prototype of 1998 - (1)650 is still in service - here seen on line 4 at Antakalnis.
3.9.2005 Philipp Mackinger