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Pardubice [CZ] - Trolleybuses are allowed into the Pedestrian Zone

J. Lehmann - 18.06.12

In January 2012 the trolleybus system marked its 60th anniversary. The operator, Dopravní podnik města Pardubic a.s. (DPMP), celebrated this on 28th April with an open day at its depot. In addition to the existing DPMP fleet and its historic vehicles Škoda 9Tr 358, built 1980 and Škoda 14Tr08/6 311) were vehicles from the Pardubice railway history society (PSHŽD) Škoda 9TrHT26 no. 353, in service 1979 to 1995 and Škoda Sanos 200Tr no. 329. The guest of honour from the Vozovna Střešovice transport museum in Prague was the excellently restored Tatra T 400 trolleybus no. 431 built in 1953. After arriving on 24th April, no.431 received an acceptance test and so after a number of years in the museum it was able to operate under power for the first time.
These historic trolleybuses and a few historic diesel buses provided a shuttle service. In addition, some new vehicles were also on display: Skoda/Skoda 31Tr from Hradec Kralove und Solaris/Skoda 26 Tr from Jihlava. Four of this type are expected in Pardubice in 2012 under a master contract signed this year.
Further journeys on historic trolleybuses are expected this year running as route 51 on 12th August and 7th October.
In January the city council approved continued trolleybus operation along Třída Míru, which is going to be made into a pedestrian zone between the crossing with Hradecká and the tower. The current roadway will nevertheless be narrowed so that a generous space will remain for pedestrians. At the moment there are discussions about different draft designs but there is a wide divergence of opinion on these.
Translation: Martin Wright

Above: Trolleybus 431 with Prague route number 58 at the Semtin terminus in front of the main gate of the chemical works of Syntheisia and Explosia. Prague route 58 also terminated in an industrial area.
Photographer: Ladislav Podivín, 26.4.2012