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Ceske Budejovice [CZ] - Route 1 opens with a 1.5km extension

J. Lehmann - 07.05.12

New trolleybus route 1 frrom the station (Nádraží) to the area of Máj was introduced with the timetable change on 1st April. It follows route 3 up to the stop at Výstaviště,next it uses the overhead on Husova tř (used until mid 2011 by route 14 and thereafter by service runs) and then follows a loop in both directions on O. Nedbala, Milady Horákové und E. Rošického. About 1.5 km of two way overhead was installed on the last two streets.

Route 1 operates every 10 minutes in peak hours, otherwise every 20 minutes. The buses travel round the loop alternatively in the clockwise and anticlockwise directions. The division of former bus route 1 into three parts has caused criticism. East of the station, a bus route 18 goes to Hlincová Hora; and bus route 21 runs from Haltestelle Výstaviště to Haklovy Dvory every 40 minutes (every 20 in peak hours).

At the same time, engineering work on the railway to Prague has cut trolleybus route 9. For the periods 1st April 2012 to 14 th October 2012 and from 1st March 2013 to 3rd June 2013 it will terminate at the railway station, while bus route 39 will take over traffic to the eastern terminus Suché Vrbné. During the closure periods the overhead in the underpass under the railway has to be removed. These works also mean that night route 59 will be served by diesel buses but the other night route, 53, will continue to be served by trolleybuses.

The five Skoda 25Tr trolleybuses intended for route 1 are not yet needed because of the temporary shortening of route 9; their delivery is expected during the course of this year.

Translation: Martin Wright

Trolleybus 73 in service on new route 1 following the loop on E. Rošického street. In the background is the former barracks area.
Photographer: Filip Drápal