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Solingen [DE] - Old Acquaintances Come to the Jubilee

J. Lehmann - 21.05.12

"Solingen 1" und Henschel trolleybus "Baden-Baden 231", which from 1971 to 1979 was Esslingen 23, will come from England for the forthcoming Jubilee (60 years of trolleybuses and 115 years of electric public transport). Other guest vehicles have also said they will come: trolleybus 7411 (built in 1988) from Gent, a Henschel OSL from 1962 which was rebuilt in Trier in 1970 as a diesel bus and finally a “Metro Style“ trolleybus from Solaris to represent the modern trolleybus generation. An open day will be held at the Weidenstraße depot on 30th June. A supporting programme for children and adults will be offered as well as some trips on the historic vehicles.
Unfortunately it has not been possible to obtain a second generation Solingen trolleybus from Mendoza in time for the Jubilee. Mendoza 51 (formerly Solingen TS68, which was the last to be transported from Solingen on 20th December 1988) had been officially handed over to a delegation from Obus-Museum Solingen e.V. (see the link for more information and appendix 2) but it hasn’t yet been possible to ship it from Mendoza because of Customs formalities.
Building works in Löhdorfer Straße in Aufderhöhe continue to cause severe delays. The road has been blocked on one side since February 2012. In the first few months the trolleybuses had to move under auxiliary power to the terminus and rewire before returning under power. At the moment the inbound lane from Steinendorfer Strasse is being worked on, so that journeys to Aufderhöhe can be made under power but auxiliary power has to be used on the return journey. From the 19th March Kotter Straße has been undergoing repaving and only the outbound direction is available to traffic.
At the same time building works at the corner of Friedrichstraße/Katternbergerstraße have forced a closure of Friedrichstraße in the townbound direction. Route 685 from Aufderhöhe therefore could not pass here and followed route 686 and turned at Graf-Wilhelm-Platz to travel back as a 686. Depot journeys via Klingenhalle were not possible because of the building works and the resultant one way arrangements. Trolleybuses starting from Graf-Wilhelm-Platz towards Rathausplatz had to turn round the block behind Graf-Wilhelm-Platz using auxiliary power.
Because the morning timetable for the 685/686 only allows a short two-minute layover at Aufderhöhe, an additional run has been added since the 19th March for the morning peak till about 9.30 am. However at the moment the majority of the sevice is provided by diesel buses – only one run plus the morning peak extra are operated by Hess-SwissTrolleys. On Saturdays and Sundays the service is exclusively with diesel buses. As these routes are interlined with route 684, passengers on that route also have to make do with diesel buses.
Translation: Martin Wright

Above: Historic trolleybus 42 operates in the morning on a school journey from Hasselstraße to Krahenhöhe. Because of building works it has to turn round Graf-Wilhelm-Platz on auxiliary power on 18.04.2012.
Below: "Solingen 1" und the Henschel "Baden-Baden 231" were previously guests ten years ago. They are seen here on 23.6.2002 after turning on the turntable at Burg. Photographer: J.Lehmann

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