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trolley:firmen - Hess Holds an Open Day on 25th August 2012

J. Lehmann - 20.08.12

Hess is holding an Open Day on Saturday 25th August. The first double articulated trolleybus has been delivered to Zürich but the remaining eleven can be seen in various stages of construction. Delivery of these remaining 11 double articulated trolleybuses is expected to take place between mid-September and November. After that four SwissTrolley4 will be delivered to Limoges – a full scale model of the new style front for these will be on display. Other orders are in hand: 27 units for Lausanne from the end of 2012; 31 units for Arnhem from June 2013 (to 2017); and 21 articulated units of 18.7 m length for Zürich.
The Hess Open Day is being held in conjunction with Car Tourisme Suisse, the trade group in the ASTG for touring buses. The ASTG is the Swiss Association for Commercial Vehicles, in which 480 organisations are organised in 11 sections. In the tour bus sector the objectives are set at safety, professionalism and customer focus.

Translation: Martin Wright

Above: The double articulated hybrid bus delivered to HHV, Hamburg in April 2012.
Below: Celebrants in June 2012 stand in front of the model of the front the SwissTrolley4 for Limoges
Photographer: Fa. Hess, see below

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