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Arnhem [NL] - Alterations with the New Timetable

J. Lehmann - 19.11.12

At the change to the new timetable, the ten year contact of the bus operator, Novio, sister company of Connexxion will begin. This continues to operate the public transport in Arnhem and Nijmegen under the brand name „Breng“.under the contract the route network will change. Trolleybus routes 1 and 3 will exchange their main arteries: as up to January 2002, route 1 runs from Oosterbeek to Velp while route 3 runs from Het Dufje to Burger’s Zoo. The two previous terminal stops for route 3 at Alteveer and Burgers Zoo are now served by a large loop. As before the journey to Burgers Zoo is via Kluizeweg and Peter van Anrooylaan, but back via Schelmseweg and Cattepoelseweg. This means that the Openlucht Museum gets a nearer bus stop. About 800 m of new overhead is being erected for this. The terminal at Alteveer is now served every half hour by an altered routing of diesel bus route 8 (previously route 20). This route serves several outer suburbs along with route 9 (previously route 21) as a circular.

Route 5 has been divided into two: route 5 from Schuytgraaf to Presikhaaf and route 6 from De Laar West to Elsweide/HAN. Both routes operate on a 15 minute frequency all day so that a 7.5 minute frequency is offered on on the joint section of route. The prvious 6 minute peak hour frequency has been dropped. Thus the maximum all-day requirement is for 35 trolleybuses.

An extension of trolleybus route 3 to Huissen is planned for 2013, which would increase the requirement for trolleybuses. Unfortunately the extension has faced opposition from the inhabitants of the neighbouring community, as the line is also intended to link into a residential area, which will increase the journey time. Moreover an action committee is protesting against the visual pollution caused by the overhead wires and poles and has collected signatures against the construction. The council thereupon revoked the decision to build the trolleybus route.

By the timetable change all the SwissTrolleys should have recieved an electric extendable wheelchair ramp the air conditioning fitted to the whole passenger space – so far only the drivers cabin has had air conditioning. Trolleybuses 5236 and 5238 had already been coverted and in service by the end of October. Two vehicles at the time are being converted at the Hess factory in Switzerland, so that the deadline of the timetable change can be met.

At the timetable change the whole diesel bus fleet is due to be replaced CNG (gas) buses. The 144 MAN Lion's City CNG are receiving the fleet numbers 5300-5443 and will sport cloured roofs: a pink roof in Nijmegen or light blue in Arnhem.

Translation: Martin Wright

SwissTrolley 5236 in service on route 7 on 5.11.2012. The wide flange of the electrically operated wheelchair ramp is clearly visible.
Photographer: J. Lehmann

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