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Solingen [DE] - Meeting of the working group trolley bus (AGT)

J. Lehmann - 23.10.06

On 12./13.09.2006 the trolleybus working group (AGT) of the Federation of German Transport Enterprises (VDV) met in Solingen. About ten participants from the Trolleybus services of the cities of Salzburg, Solingen, Eberswalde, Bergen, Arnhem Landskrona and Luzern attended the meeting. The conference emphasis was the standardisation of trolleybuses to allow better efficiency in the workshops. The consultancy company S2R presented the results of a bench mark comparison. In addition as guest was the leader of the committee for Kraftfahrwesen, to explain the value of use of the AGT. On the Wednesday morning the prototype trolleybus for Lecce brought the participants from the hotel to the depot. The photograph shows the trolleybus at Schlagbaum stop.

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