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Arnhem [NL] - Construction progresses on future trolleybus line 2

J. Lehmann - 08.09.14

The installation of the new catenary on the major avenue Koppelstraat between Huissensestraat and the bus lane of line 7 on Burgemeester Matsersingel has been completed, although the switches still need to be fitted. The roughly 2 km long route section between Marga Klompélaan and De Laar West does not yet feature new power lines, only a few masts have been put in place thus far. Presently the reconstruction of various different bus stops is in full swing, and the station Akkers/Limburgsingel is being modified in such a way that two separate calling points will be in place, although trolleybuses will no longer be able to terminate or reverse there. The calling points at Maastrichtsingel will be relocated to Venlosingel The previously modernized stop at Echterboschstraat requires no further modernization and only needs to be extended slightly. Because of all of these construction works, diesel buses on line 4 are presently being re-routed via Venlosingel.

The extension of line 2 is expected to be ready for public use on 14 December 2014, as part of the annual timetable change. Initially, trolleybuses on line 2 will then run every 30 minutes to De Laar West, from where they will continue as line 6. This means that an extra two diagrams will be required and that the total number of services on the trolleybus network will grow from 36 to 38 during peak hours. To operate this kind of service density, 40 buses are presently available, including 20 Berkhof and 20 Hess trolleys.

Last Friday actually marked the 65th anniversary of the inauguration of line 1, as it was originally in 1949 that the first electric buses started to run between Arnhem and Velp. No official ceremonies took place on Friday and nothing further is planned, although the local press did pay homage to the occasion by publishing some historic photos.
(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

Top: On 4 September 2014, SwissTrolley 5241 is seen in use on line 7. The vehicle has just passed the future spur to Koppelstraat and the new catenary switch can be seen.
Bottom: The official project sign at Sint Gangulphusplein provides information about the extension of Arnhem’s urban trolleybus network. Photos: Jürgen Lehmann

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