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Tychy [PL] - Three new battery trolleys on order

J. Lehmann - 18.01.18

On 15 January 2018, the local public transport operator TLT announced that Solaris had placed a successful bid to supply three new 12 m long single units worth 6.9 million PLN (roughly 1.65 million EUR). Final delivery is expected to take place within 10 months of contract signing.

These new trolleybuses will be fitted with traction batteries, allowing them off-wire range extension for up to 20 km.This facility will enable TLT to replace more diesel bus lines with electric battery trolleys, allowing the de-facto integration of the non-electrified Stoczniowców and Sikorskiego streets into the trolleybus network. Presently, the six trolleybus lines A, B, C, D, E and F are operated with a fleet consisting of 21 trolleys.

Line F is the most recent to have been launched, starting revenue services on 6 May 2015 and running every 30 minutes with two vehicles in use until 18:00. Part of the line is not electrified with overhead wires. Among other locations, line F also serves the local hospital. While the busiest trolleybus lines A and B are consistently served with a 15-minute headway, lines C, D and E only have one bus an hour and two hourly buses during peak periods. This service pattern creates a fixed requirement for 18 trolleybuses, in order to run the whole circuit.

The 15 previously delivered Solaris Trollino, which have been running in Tychy since early 2013, are also equipped with traction batteries, but these older devices only allow for roughly 2 km off-wire running. In October and November 2013, a previous line F was also in use, serving a residential district to the south of the city in battery mode, but due to a lack of ridership it was closed after only a few weeks.

Top: Solaris Trollino 39 is the newest of the 15 trolleybuses that were deliverd to Tychy in 2013. Here it is seen in use on line A.
Bottom: Trolley 33 takes a break at the local hospital, with the dot-matrix display indicating that the bus will depart in 14 mins. To the rear, bus line 1 is seen, but this is not a Tychy route, but instead a part of the Katowice network. Photos: J. Lehmann, 13.09.2017

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