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Kiew/Kyiv [UA] - Reintroducing trolleybus-routes

J. Lehmann - 29.09.08

Further to the news item in TM 275, and illustration in the same issue, it has now been established that 4301 was made not by YuMZ, but by the vehicle factory at Lutsk, and is the Bogdan E231 which was referred to in TM 269. New route 46 opened on 21st August. Linking Myloslavska Vulitsya with Leningradska Ploshcha, with short-working 46k limited to Metro Darnitsa, it uses the wiring of existing routes 30 and 33, in addition to 5.4 km of new wiring. New articulated LAZ-E301 trolleybuses are 1601-1613, 2602-2648, 3601-3612 and 4601-36.
LAZ of Lviv has been bought by a Company known äs ZKT. The new designation for the current 2-axle model is now ElectroLAZ-12, formerly LAZ-E183, and the articulated model is ElectroLAZ-20, formerly LAZ-E301. The municipal tram and trolleybus workshops in Kharkiv has assembled a trolleybus with a Standard ZIU-682G-016.02 body, and
equipment from the UMZ words in Dnipropetrovsk. It has been designated E-187 Dnipro and was undergoing trials in Kyiv in March.

Foto: Skoda 14Tr 365 on the south entry of the station, taken by Dr. Eckart Sternol

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