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Bendery/Tighina [MD] - Interurban route 19 since 15 years

J. Lehmann - 22.09.08

Two ZIU-682 have been donated by Tula, where they were numbered 72 and 145. One entered service with No.36. Arround 27 trolleybuses are in service, exept No.1-6 all are used ZIU from other towns (Minsk, Moskau, St. Petersburg).
The 21.6 km interurban route between Bendery (That's the Russian name of the town - the Moldovan name is completely different: Tighina) and Tiraspol opened in 1993. An urban route, which shares its southern terminus with the interurban route, opened in Bendery three years later and there are a number of urban routes in Tiraspol also. ZIU-682 No. 1 is pictured on interurban route 19 on 21.06.08.
Alexei Vorobyov (

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