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Kaliningrad [RU] - New route and new trolleybuses

J. Lehmann - 06.10.08

New trolleybus wiring was being installed in Ulitsa Gorkovo, along the routing of former tram routes 6 and 10, and opened for Operation on 23.06.2007. It is served by new route 7 (Avtotsenter Toyota - Ulitsa Gorkovo). A solitary trolleybus VZTM-5280 is numbered 153. Ten Trolza trolleybuses model 5275.05 (see link) arrived in January 2007 (No. 154-163).

This message is from the Trolleybus Magazine (No.276, 274 and 272), with the kind permission of the editor, added with informations from The Trolley Magazine is published every two months and reported worldwide about the trolleybuses.

Photo: Newest trolleybus 163, taken by Kaliningradskiy Padonak, 23.03.2008 (

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