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Budapest [HU] - 75 years of trolleybuses will be celebrated

J. Lehmann - 06.10.08

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The first trolleybus line in Budapest was opened on 16th December 1933 in Óbuda, from the Vörösvári út terminus (today tram terminus of routes 1 &17). The trolleybuses along the 2.7 km long line reached the Cemetry in 8 minutes. The vehicles used Óbuda-depot, that was situated near the terminus. There were two Ganz and one MÁVAG-Boveri trolleybuses, both had a boxy shaped body but different electric equippment. Until 1941 the cars were used left-hand side driving way, after changing the direction, the bodies of the three trolleybuses were replaced in two months. The route was destroyed in 1944, during the siege of Budapest. The three trolleybuses were used after the war as learner cars, and even put again to regular passanger service in 1953.
The trolleybus in Pest was opened on 21st December 1949, with the new line 70

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