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trolley:firmen - New Trolleybus manufacturer

J. Lehmann - 29.12.08

Libchavy - Czech Republic

The leading Czech bus and coach producer SOR Libchavy Ltd., ( )which was formed in 1991, has built two prototype Trolleybuses designated type SOR TN 12A which are based on their low floor diesel city bus type SOR BN 12. With these vehicles the company, which employs some 450 people and produces around 500 buses per year, hope to break into the Trolleybus market with this new model.

The first prototype was presented at the "Autotec" trade fair, which was held between 04.06.2008 and 08.06.2008 in Brünn in the Czech Republic.

Both prototypes are twelve metres in length and had the electric traction equipment fitted by the Ostrava Trolleybus operating company Dopravní podnik Ostrava a.s. (Ostrava Transport, joint-stock co.) or "DP Ostrava". Both vehicles have been fitted with drive axles type Dana G 150i =6,50 ( ). Both vehicles offer space for 27 seated and 75 standing passengers. A 30 seat variation is also available.

The first prototype was fitted with a traction control unit type SBC 10 from PINTR EP s.r.o. and an SKD Trade a.s. 120 kW three-phase ac motor type ATM 120 WO1. The trolley booms were supplied by Esko s.r.o. / Elerpro s.r.o. ( )

The second vehicles was fitted with a Cegelec ( ) Traktion control type CAN 250 and a 6 pole three-phase ac motor type TAM 1050 C6* from the firm Pragoimex a.s. situated at Pod náspem 795/12, 190 05 Prague 9. ( ).

The vehicle is fitted with a static transducer also supplied by Pragoimex. The Trolley booms for this, second, vehicle were supplied by Lekov ( ).

Although this vehicle has been painted in the "DP Ostrava" livery and given the fleet number 3911 it is intended to be demonstration vehicle mainly for export to east European countries.

* TAM 1050 C6 is a six-pole, two-bearing asynchronous traction motor, fitted with a short armature and produced subject to ČSN EN 60439-2 standards.

Our photo shows the first SOR TN 12a Series number 001 undergoing road testing during the summer months of 2008 in Oprava loaded with sand sacks.
Photo: Vojtěch Cekota ( )