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Pardubice [CZ] - New Skoda 28 Tr. Trolleybuses

J. Lehmann - 03.11.08

The invitation to tender, publicised during the spring of 2008 for four 15 meter Trolleybuses with the option for a further four was awarded to Skoda. Due to the fact that the Skoda partner "Irisbus" does not have a 15 meter vehicle in its programme Skoda cooperated with Solaris and have "trolleyfied" one of their 15 meter vehicles.

The first of these 3 axle Trolleybuses was delivered on 20.10.2008 and it was designated the fleet number 400. Two days after its arrival road testing was undertaken.

The three Skoda 14 Tr. vehicles 314, 344 and 355 sold to Vilnius (Lithuania) are being overhauled by the local transport company. 355 has been completed and put into service with the fleet number 2130.

Our photo shows the new Skoda / Solaris 15 meter, 3 axle Trolleybus number 400 on 25.10.2008 during road testing and driver training. Photo: Jiri Sixta (