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trolley:firmen - SKODA: Production figures for 2008

J. Lehmann - 17.11.08

During the course of 2008 Skoda produced and delivered 20 Trolleybuses for various operating companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. (See attached pdf file). The last vehicles to be delivered will go to Teplice at the end of November and consist of 3 articulated and 2 two axle Trolleybuses.

Eary in 2008 Skoda delivered 50 24TR with diesel auxiliary motor units, supplied by Kirsch, and also fitted with air conditioning for the passenger area to Timisoara. 20 of these vehicles were produced in Pilsen and 30 at the Skoda Ganz works in Budapest.

During 2008 seventy further vehicles out of the total contingent of 150 ordered by Riga were delivered. During 2007 twenty four type 24Tr had already been delivered. At the very beginning of the year six of the 2007 batch of 24Tr vehicles without auxiliary motors were also delivered to Riga. Of the 70 type 24Tr vehicles delivered to Riga during 2008, twenty were delivered with, and a further 30, in September, without the "Kirsch" auxiliary motor units. The final 20 are to be delivered by the end of the year and will all be fitted with the "Kirsch" unit. These vehicles are currently still on the production line. All of the vehicles delivered to Riga are fitted with the passenger air conditioning units. Having fulfilled 1/3 ot the order for 150 vehicles it is expected that a subsequent follow up order will be placed for a further 150.

Whereas all of the above mentioned vehicles were built on the Citelis 1B chassis 1B" body, which is based on the "Irisbus" the order for Trolleybuses from Pardubice was for 15 meter vehicles. They will be receiving the new Skoda 28Tr. This is a vehicle based on a chassis from the Polish firm Solaris. It is a three axle vehicle and the third axle is the drive axle. The electric and electronic units are the same as those used in the type 25Tr articulated Trolleybuses.

All the requisite testing has successfully been passed and a prototype vehicle is now undergoing reliability testing under normal operating conditions with passengers in Pardubice. The end of the year should see the awarding of the roadworthiness certificate by the responsible authorities in Prague. There will then be a small production run of three vehicles.

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