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Pardubice [CZ] - Four new Skoda/Solaris 15 metre

J. Lehmann - 15.12.08

On 15.12.2008 the new Skoda 28Tr were presented to the public. The four Trolleybuses were paraded on the Třídě Míru and at 10:30 the Mayor of Pardubice, Jaraslov Deml, "christened" the four vehicles with names that had been decided in a previously held competition. Present at the ceremony were representative from Skoda of Pilsen, members of the local town council and the operating company.

These new 15 metre long Trolleybuses are a Skoda/Solaris "co-production" and, as such, also have the green dachshund silhouette logo. The electronic control units and electric traction are the same as those used in the Skoda model 15Tr whereby the electronic control units are mounted in a container on the vehicle roof.

After the initial testing of Trolleybus number 400, which had been delivered on 20.10.008 (see our report from 03.11.2008), four drivers underwent driver training. On Saturday 25.10.2008 the vehicle went into regular passenger carrying service. As of Wednesday 29.10.2008 the four drivers started training their colleagues. Each driver received a three hour training session whilst on regular service.

Regulations state that new vehicle types, such as these 28Tr Trolleybuses, must absolve tests which include a 9,000 Kilometre test in regular passenger service over a period of 60 days without interruption or breakdowns. Trolleybus number 400 absolved the testing without any problems covering, on average, some 150 kilometres per day.

After the trials and testing, on number 400, had been completed the other three vehicles were delivered, one per day, between 03. and 05.12.2008. The first to arrive was 401 then 403 and finally 402. After fitting and preparing for service by the local operating company these vehicles also entered service

During the coming year 2009 a further four Skoda 28Tr are to be delivered. It is planned to extend the delivery contract to a further 12 vehicles over the following years. 2009 will also see the delivery of the first seven, of in all twenty, natural gas powered buses. New gas pumps are being installed at the depot.

The four new Trolleybuses are replacing the old 14Tr Trolleybuses numbers 305, 351, 356 and 357 which are to be withdrawn y the end of 2008. The two Skoda 14Tr Trolleybuses numbers 362 and 306 have also been withdrawn.

Our photos show, top: the for new Trolleybuses on parade in the town centre and
Bottom: the four Trolleybuses parked one behind the other take up an impressive 60 metres.
Photo: Martin Janda – 15.12.2008