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Pardubice [CZ] - Race horses?

J. Lehmann - 19.01.09

Pardubice - Czech Republic

On the 15th. of December 2008 the 15 metre three axle Skoda type 28Tr were ceremoniously presented to the city owned operator.

All four of the new vehicles were put on view in the middle of Trida Miru street. Due to the fact that Pardubice is famous for horse racing, all four vehicles have been given names of famous horses. Number 400 has been given the name of the 1874 winner of the Pardubice steeplechase "Fantome". Number 401 has been named "Brigand" winner in 1875, 1877 and 1878. Number 402 "Rudi" winner in 1879 and number 403 "Good Morning" the winner in 1880.

Just before Christmas the four Trolleybuses numbers 305, 351, 356 and 357 were taken out of service. The two identical models from 1992 and 1993 numbers 306 and 362 are to remain in service for the time being.

With the exception of the nine Trolleybuses which were completely overhauled and modernised in Pilsen ( 3430 to 343 and 345 to 349), the oldest Skoda 14Tr Trolleybuses date from 1995. In all, 25 of the Trolleybuses are low floor which is almost makes up almost half of the fleet.

Our photo shows all four of the new "Race horses" on 15.12.2008 on parade for the public.
Photo: Ing. Ladislav Podivin, local operating company.

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