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von Alexandra Scharzenberger

4. Internationale E-Bus- Konferenz „E-Busse im Vergleich“ am 17. und 18. November 2014 in Hamburg

Die vierte internationale E-Bus-Konferenz liefert einen aktuellen und umfassenden Überblick der heutigen Antriebs- und Versorgungssysteme, zeigt Anwendungen aus der Praxis und hinterfragt die verschiedenen Konzepte aus der Sicht von Wissenschaft und Forschung sowie von Anwendern. Sie zeigt die Entwicklungen der vergangenen zwei Jahre seit der letzten Konferenz auf und berichtet über Erfolg und Fehlschläge, vielversprechende Ansätze sowie die technischen und betrieblichen Anforderungen und Optimierungsnotwendigkeiten. Mit seinen internationalen Referenten – für Entscheidungsträger in Verwaltung und Politik, aus Verkehrsunternehmen und Industrie, für Wissenschaft und Berater – bietet die Konferenz einen einzigartigen und kompletten Überblick über alle Technologien und Anwendungen. Für jeden der 300 internationalen Teilnehmer soll die...Mehr...


Training materials for safe eco-driving of trolleybuses and hybrid buses available now - test partners wanted

As part of the project outputs the ACTUATE partners are developing training materials for safe eco-driving of clean vehicles. These training materials enable other public transport operators to train their own drivers in a tried and tested manner and are available for download as of today. After receiving positive feedback from drivers during pilot trainings for trolleybuses (Salzburg, AT) and hybrid buses (Leipizig, DE) and attaining promising results regarding energy optimisation of these clean vehicles*, ACTUATE is now looking for partners to test the developed training concepts. Thus, if you would like to test and implement the safe eco-driving training concepts for your own drivers, don't hesitate to contact ACTUATE's project coordinator (w.backhaus[at] and find out more about the possibility to test the...Mehr...

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von Jürgen Lehmann

St. Etienne [FR] - 22 new trolleybuses on order

21.01.19 - Solaris Bus & Coach begins 2019 with very good information from the French market. For the first time in its history, the company won a contract for the supply of trolleybuses in this country. In accordance with the terms of the tender, Solaris will deliver a total of 22 trolleybuses to Saint-Etienne between 2019 and 2022. The value of the contract is over EUR 17 million. ... more

Baoding [CN] - Opening of a totally new system in China!

29.12.18 - On December 29, 2018, the first two lines of the new 3-route trolleybus system in Baoding, China, started revenue service. 18 Foton articulated vehicles and 17 Yutong solo vehicles will be available in the next few months, although only the Yutong cars are operational today. Therefore only the two lines 902 and 903 started operation on the first day: Line 902 from Qing-yuan Transport Center to the "High Tech Industrial Park" and Line 903 from there to the Da-wang-dian Transport Center. Future line 901 runs from Qing-yuan to Da-wang-dian. 20-30% of every line is operated without overhead in ... more

Lausanne [CH] - Tender for wiring for the prolongment of route 9

22.10.18 - Sorry, only German Text available at time! ... more

Kaunas [LT] - 85 new trolleys ordered after long tender process

15.10.18 - In early October the local bus operator UAB Kauno Autobusai signed a contract with Solaris for the delivery of 85 new trolleybuses. The deal is valued at EUR 30 million. These Trollino 12 vehicles will feature the manufacturer's distinctive type IV body shell. The single units will have a total capacity for 85 passengers, including 27 seated. The entire delivery process is expected to take 15 months and will enable the withdrawal of older Skoda 14Tr high-floor trolleys. Some of these are almost 25 years old now. Currently, the Kaunas fleet still consists of 92 Skoda 14Tr. These are ... more

Abakan [RU] - New low-floor battery trolleys enable network extension

15.10.18 - In early August 2018, the Russian company Transalpha delivered the first type VMZ-5298.01 low-floor trolleybus to Abakan. A total of 5 such vehicles have been ordered. The single units have auxiliary battery packs weighing almost 3 tons and allowing up to 20 km of off-wire range extension. The batteries are fitted near the rear axle. The total procurement expense for this mini-fleet is 58 million RUB. At current conversion rates that is roughly 750 000 EUR and thus equates to a per unit price of about 150 000 EUR. 50% of the procurement is being funded by the Republic of Khakassia, with the ... more

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Trolleybus-Betriebe Weltweit

Eine Übersicht über alle weltweit aktiven und inaktiven Trolleybus-Systeme finden Sie hier.

Das "TROLLEY" - Video

The TROLLEY movie is another piece of the puzzle of the promotion activities of the "TROLLEY"-project to shape a new and more positive image of trolleybuses in Europe. The movie is based on interviews with local and regional stakeholders, which were performed in the TROLLEY partner cities Salzburg (Austria), Brno (Czech Republic), Eberswalde (Germany), Parma (Italy), Gdynia (Poland) and Szeged (Hungary). The movie highlights advantages of trolleybuses and raises hopes in what could be improved in the future to raise awareness of trolleybuses as smart, clean and green solution for urban public transportation. Watch it on YouTube.