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Trolleybus city: Schaffhausen [Schweiz]

General Information

City: Schaffhausen (34.600 citizens)
Country: Schweiz
Opened: 24.09.1966
Network: 8,8 km
Length: 8,8 km
Lines: 1
Vehicles: 7 Trolleybuses
Operator: Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen
Remarks: State: 01.01.2016
Link to route-sheme: VBSH_Netzplan_2016

Present State

The single Trolleybus route, route 1 currently has a 10 minute service and is served by a fleet of 7 articulated trolleybuses.

News for Schaffhausen

Date Headline
04.06.2012 New Tower Wagon, Road Works No Problem
26.04.2010 Seven new HESS-SwissTrolleys ordered!
01.02.2010 Tender about 7 trolleybuses released
20.04.2009 What price the environment?
08.09.2008 Pro trolleybus
23.06.2008 Initiative Pro Trolleybus
04.01.2007 The continuation of Trolleybus route no 1 endangered?


line route length frequency1
1 Herbst├Ącker - Neuhausen - Bahnhof - Ebnat - Waldfriedhof 8,8 km 10/10

1 frequency: minutes peak / off peak

Lines: 1


numbers quant. vehicle delivery
101-107 7 Hess/Vossloh-Kiepe 2011

Vehicles: 7 trolleybuses


As a result of a referendum on 13.09.1964 it was decided that the tram route from Schaffhausen to neighbouring Neuhausen, which had served the community since 11.05.1901, be converted to Trolleybus. A second tram route, to neighbouring Breite, had already been closed and replaced by diesel buses on 31.07.1928.
The inauguration of the new Trolleybus route took place on 24.09.1966. Five articulated Trolleybuses, identical to the ones delivered to Winterthur, were initially available. A further five vehicles, on loan from Winterthur, were used until the five new solo Trolleybuses could be delivered.
Five vehicles were required for the normal service and a further five for rush hour services, which reduced the headway to a five minute service.
During the spring of 1970 the route was extended from Ebnat to Waldfriedhof in St. Niklausen and on 29.05.1974 a further 700 metre extension from Ebnat to Herblingertal. It was here that, later, a new depot was to be opened on 31.05.1987. This depot was so constructed that it had the capacity to take the Trolleybuses and diesel buses and the running of the diesel bus routes, which until then had been in the hands of a private company, Rattin AG, was taken over by the communal public transport company.
A final extension to route 1 took place when on 04.08.1980 the stretch from Neuhausen to Herbst├Ącker went into service.
On route six articulated Trolleybuses were required to maintain the regular service. A further articulated trolleybus was acquired during 1975. On route 9, which was basically a reinforcement route on the section between the Ebnat Depot and Neuhausen, four solo Trolleybuses were required. After acquiring a further two second hand Trolleybuses from Lucerne the fleet total amounted to six articulated and seven solo Trolleybuses.
During 1991 and 1992 eight new articulated Trolleybuses replaced the original 10 vehicles from 1966. On the 20th. of September 1995 Diesel bus route 6 replaced the route 9 branch serving Herbingertal. Route 1 now offered a 7 to 8 minute service during the rush hour between the main station and Neuenhausen. From 14.12.2003 route 6 to Neuenhausen was to provide a parallel service via a new route thus relieving the extra vehicles, which were used during rush hour times.