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Trolleybus city: Montreux-Vevey [Schweiz]

General Information

City: Montreux-Vevey (22.897 citizens)
Country: Schweiz
Opened: 18.04.1957
Network: 12,8 km
Length: 12,8 km
Lines: 1
Vehicles: 18 Trolleybuses
Operator: Transports publics VMCV
Remarks: Cross-country line from Vervey (15.784 inhabitants) over Montreux (22.897 inhabitants) to Villeneuve (2.759 inhabitants), operates all day in a 10-minutes frequency.
State: 01.01.2016
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Present State

This 12.8 kilometre route enjoys an all day 10 minute service. 9 vehicles a required for maintaining this service and thus it is that two of the total of 18 articulated Trolleybuses owned by this operator are sold in 2008 to Salzburg.

News for Montreux-Vevey

Date Headline
20.11.2017 Procurement of 16 new battery trolleybuses
05.04.2010 Prolongment planned


line route length frequency1
1 Villeneuve - Montreux - Clarens - Vevey 12,8 km 10/10

1 frequency: minutes peak / off peak

Lines: 1


numbers quant. vehicle delivery
1, 3-14, 16-18 16 Van Hool / Kiepe Elektrik 1994-96

Vehicles: 18 trolleybuses


The year 1955 saw the start of the conversion from tram to Trolleybus. This tram route which opened on the 1st. of May 1988 between Vevey and Chillon and was extended in December 1903 from Chillon to Villeneuve has the honour of being the very first Tram route in Switzerland.

Plans for conversion to Trolleybuses had existed since 1938. The first part of the Trolleybus route from Montreux, Place-du-Marché to Territet went into operation on 18th. of April 1957 having been preceded by extensive testing with Trolleybus no. 18.

The 8th. of July 1957 saw the section Clarens, Depot to Montreux, Place-du-Marche go into operation and on 19.01.1958 the last tram was to run. From this date onwards the whole of the route was served by the Trolleybuses.

In all 18 solo Trolleybuses were ordered and in 1963 nine trailers were also purchased. During the 1970s there was a 7½ minute headway and during the rush hours the Trolleybuses with trailers were in operation. The Solo Trolleybuses were replaced between 1994 and 1996 by 18 VanHool / Kiepe articulated Trolleybuses.