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Trolleybus city: Baku [Aserbaidschan]

General Information

City: Baku (1.116.513 citizens)
Country: Aserbaidschan
Opened: 05.12.1941
Shut down: 30.06.2006
Lines: 1
Website: .
Remarks: Local government statistics from July 2006 state that the Trolleybus system has been closed. During it's final stages only route 16 was in operation and was served by 3 or 4 Skoda 14Tr (Trolleybus Magazine 269 – 2004). In 1989 the system had 300 km total route length (110 km Network) divided into 32 routes and served by 359 vehicles. By 1999 this had been reduced to 5 routes with only 61 vehicles.

Link for photos from Baku and various Info such as routes etc.

Baku (Azerbaijani: Bakı), sometimes known as Baqy, Baky, Baki or Bakü, the largest city, and the largest port of Azerbaijan with a the population of 2,036,000 (as of January 1, 2005 ) is the capital of Azerbaijan. Located on the western shore of the Caspian Sea, Baku is the country's largest city, chief port, and main industrial centre. Oil, first discovered in the eighth century, is the basis of Baku's economy. The oil field here was the world's largest in the early 1900s and, until the 1940s, was the Soviet Union's largest. Although Baku's oil field has been all but exhausted, drilling continues in the surrounding areas, as well as offshore. Pipelines connect these areas with Baku's oil refinery and processing plants. Other industries include shipbuilding, the manufacture of oil industry equipment, and electrical machinery.

Link for photos from Baku and various Info such as routes etc.