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Trolleybus city: Gyandzha/Gjandsha/Gäncä [Aserbaidschan]

General Information

City: Gyandzha/Gjandsha/Gäncä (303.268 citizens)
Country: Aserbaidschan
Opened: 01.05.1955
Shut down: 2004
Lines: 1
Vehicles: 16 Trolleybuses
Website: .
Remarks: Official government records show that the system was closed during 2004.
During the final stages of operation only 9 vehicles were required to operate route 7 during the rush hour peak period. The fleet was made up of Skoda 9Tr and ZIU 682 vehicles (Trolleybus Magazine 263 / 2005)

Gyandzha, formerly known as Kirovabad and Yelizavetpol, is located along the Gyandzha River in western Azerbaijan. The city has a population of 294,000 (1997 est.) and is the country's second largest city. Gyandzha was established in the fifth or sixth century, but was destroyed by an earthquake in 1139 and rebuilt four miles east of the original settlement. Surrounded by a fertile farming area, the city has several industries that are agriculture-related. Other industries include the manufacture of machinery and instruments. Agricultural and teacher-training institutes are located here.