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Trolleybus city: Mingetchaur [Aserbaidschan]

General Information

City: Mingetchaur (95.453 citizens)
Country: Aserbaidschan
Opened: 15.04.1989
Shut down: 31.03.2006
Lines: 1
Website: .
Remarks: Mingechaur: A local press report from 13.08.06 states that this system was closed down in 2005. Contrary to the other systems in Azerbaijan that have closed the infrastructure, which is in quite a good state of repair, has been left in place. The downfall of the system was brought about by the competition arising from minibus operation. THE trolleybuses were just not able to compete with the cheap fare prices.

By mid 2004 not long before the final close down of the system only one of the two routes was in operation (Trolleybus Magazine 264 / 2005)

Mingechaur is located in the central part of Azerbaijan, has 97,000 residents (1997 est.). The Mingechaur Reservoir, built in 1953 on the Kura River, provides hydro-electric power and water for irrigation. The city's major industry is a large cotton textile mill.